About Me

IMG_0002.1.jpgWell hello!

I’m Hannah. Animal lover, vegetarian, lover of all things crafts, rustic, antique, and do it yourself.

I’m a mommy, a (soon to be) elementary school teacher, a dog mom, cat mom, and human mommy. I’m also a wife to my high school sweetheart. In addition, I’m a thrift shop addict, Pinterest addict, and craft addict.

You might be thinking, “Oh, great, another blog.” Well, let me just let you in on what this blog means to me. I became a mom at the age of nineteen (yes, you read that right). I got married at the age of nineteen (yes, that’s correct). We were moved into our first house when I was nineteen (yes. I was nineteen.)

In short, I had not idea what I was doing in a house. I had ideas of decorating the walls and rooms with the help of Pinterest. Ya’ll, it was random. I had no idea what a theme was. I just knew I liked to craft. My first home consisted of random colors and crazy projects, all thanks to Pinterest.

At the age of twenty three, we moved into our first house! Let it be known that I grew up about four years, and so did my taste. With the help of Pinterest (and Chip and Joanna Gaines) I fell in love with the farmhouse style.

Farmhouse..Casa? Say what? Yes. Well, with my love of all things farmhouse, and being married into Mexican culture, I found the name to be appropriate.

Of course, I am still finishing up my degree (ONE YEAR TO BE EXACT! 2018 IS MY YEAR!), and the extravagant farmhouse style just is not in my budget, but again, I will be a teacher, so I don’t know if extravagant will ever be a vocabulary term I will use to describe my lifestyle. (;

My blog features all of the glorious things of Pinterest that inspire me to build and create! On any given blog post, you will see an inspiration photo from Pinterest, then you will see, read, and have instructions on my recreation. I intend to do things as thrifty as possible. I also intend to show you what things REALLY look like after you create a DIY project on Pinterest (have you seen Pinterest fails? I have, they’re funny, but not so funny when it happens to you. AMIRIGHT?)  Thanks to my daddy, who gave me the genes to build and invent, and my mother, who gave me the genes to be wildly creative, I am bringing DIY to you through the glorious interweb!

Enjoy the crafts, the food, the stories. Enjoy the cute kid (yes, I’m biased) and the fur babies, who you will fall in love with. Most of all, have fun, be inspired, and create!

Happy creating!